Manage your Store - Ghana

Leverage technology to manage your orders

Manage your store in an efficient way! We provide you with the tools and technology to streamline your operations, analyse your performance and improve customer experience.

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A solution tailored to local businesses

Use simple tools to manage and make the most out of your store

Manage orders and store in real time

Download the Orders App to accept incoming orders. Track the delivery until it is received by the customer.

Update your product availability, prices and store opening hours on the app. Contact Partner Support if you face any issues.

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Use data to sell more

Track your sales, products’ perfomance and customer ratings with the dashboards available in the Manager Portal.

Easily edit your menu and prices, or create your own promotions in a few clicks.

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Integrate other delivery apps

Centralise orders from other delivery apps into one platform using a single device.

Save time and benefit from reduced costs, higher accuracy and a better customer experience.

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Glovo helps you digitise your business

Grow online with our technology

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Leonel Oliver of NY Burger

Helping local businesses with the right tools

“Glovo, with its statistics, tells us which of our products sell the most and, based on this, they organise with the company to be able to create promotions.”


Frequently asked questions

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