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Boost your restaurant

How to promote your brand and get more orders

Increase your sales and attract Glovo users by running promotions and Ads with our self service tools in 5 minutes. Boosting your business growth has never been easier.
This has proven to be a great way for Partners to increase their orders: we have on average 100% growth from those who already did promotions! And with Ads, your store is featured in highly visible places like the homepage, store listing, and search results and you’ll only pay for the clicks you receive. Right now, you’ll be able to set up promos and ads directly from the Manager Portal.

How can you set up a promotion?

Access the Manager Portal and go to the tab named “Promotions”.

Select the Promotion type you are interested in creating and click on the button “Create promotion”.

You’ll be asked to provide the following information:


  • Stores for which you’d like to run the campaign

  • Dates for the promotion to apply (duration of the Promotion). If not filled, the promotion will run as long as your store is open.

  • Hours you want your promo to be displayed on the Glovo app (daily active times).

  • % discount to be offered/delivery fee (depending on the promotion selected).

  • Only for Delivery promotions: set a minimum spend that the user needs to reach in order to benefit from your promotion.

Remember that you can optionally determine a maximum budget to spend per campaign so you can easily track your investment and calculate its return. The costs of promotions will be added as part of your regular invoices and your commission will be applied only to the value of the products that the user actually paid for (the commission never applies to the delivery fee).

In the Promotions section of Manager Portal you’ll also be able to check and manage your active Promotions and check your full Promotions history, including their performance data, such as New customers, Orders and Gross revenue coming from the Promotion period. You’ll receive an email with the performance metrics by the end of your Promotion.

Visit the Manager Portal for more information regarding promotions and the self service promo tool.

Create a promotion ➜

Benefits of creating a promotional campaign

  • Double your sales.

  • Reach new clients.

  • Encite your users to order more and spend more on each order

  • Opportunity to introduce new products

  • Be more competitive than other stores.

  • Participate in our Promotional events with extra visibility in the Glovo App

  • Better conversion and organic position on the app

What promotions can you offer to your customers

  • Free delivery

  • % off discount


  • 2×1 in products

How promos will be display in the app

By making promotions, your store will have more visibility on the Glovo App and customers will find your store easily.

For more questions you can read our FAQs about promos here.

Getting Started with Ads on Glovo

Boost your sales and reach new customers in the Glovo App. With ads, your store is featured in highly visible places like the homepage, store listing, and search results. They’ll help your store stand out from the crowd, and you’ll only pay for the clicks you receive.
Create your Advertising Campaigns following this guide and make the most of:

  • Increased visibility

  • Orders Growth

  • New customers Acquisition

  • Win over the competition

How to Create an Ad

  • On the Manager Portal, click (1) Advertising then (2) Create Ad.

  • Select a campaign start date and duration.

    • Choose to keep it going or select an end date.
    • We recommend not setting an end date to maximize your return.
    • Remember, you don’t pay unless a user clicks.
  • Assign a daily limit.

    • Your daily limit is, on average, the amount you’re comfortable spending on ad clicks each day.
    • Your budget will only be used if the ad has positive results as we target a 3x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS or revenue you generated from what you spend on ads).
  • Set your budget.
    The total budget you’re comfortable spending for ad clicks during the campaign. We recommend at least 10% of your monthly earnings on Glovo

  • Review your summary and select create ad.

Tracking Campaign Performance

You can track campaign performance from the Manager Portal.
Click Advertising, and scroll down (and to the right). You’ll see a list of campaigns with ad-attributed impressions, clicks, orders, and gross revenue. As well as your campaign dates, total budget, daily limit, and status.

Ending or Editing a Campaign

You can end your ad early from the Advertising page by selecting the three vertical dot menu and clicking “Stop ad”. We currently do not have the ability to “Edit” the campaign, to change the campaign you can “End” the campaign and create a new one with different settings.

Tips for Success

  • Run an ad in combination with a Promotion to help maximize conversions. Ads help you reach more customers, and Promotions give them an extra nudge to order from you.

  • Run your campaign for at least one month. Remember, you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.

  • Ensure your store photos are high quality and up-to-date.

What is the Glovo Ranking

Stores can improve the positioning in the app based on their performance. Glovo algorithm aims to give a fair chance to everyone, even if you are just joining the platforms and do not have any orders yet.

The fourth factors of the Glovo Ranking

  • Conversion rate:

    Partners who run promotions, keep the menu updated and fix the right price will get more sales and therefore they will be ranked higher in the wall.

  • Partner Performance:

    Partners who perform better in terms of ratings, waiting time and cancellation rates, will have a better position on the App.

  • Newness and Fairness:

    New partners and exclusive partners will be ranked higher in the wall. Also we will make sure all partners have a fair chance at being successful with Glovo.

  • Distance Factor:

    Partners who are closer to the delivery address of the user will be ranked higher in the wall.


    Read more about Glovo Ranking on this post