Manage orders - Kenya

Manage orders

Follow this steps to manage your orders

  • Receive an order.


  • Review and accept the order.


  • Print the ticket. You can print the ticket with the Glovo Sunmi or with your own device.


  • Prepare the order.


  • Did you realize that you run out of a product that was just ordered to you?

    If you forgot to deactivate a product that you run out of and the customer already made an order, please call him/her to offer an alternative. If the customer accepts, you can modify the order straight from the Orders app. Otherwise, if the customer wishes to cancel, please contact Partner support to cancel the order. Read more on how to edit products here.


  • Push the “Mark as ready” button once the order is prepared and ready to be collected. After pressing the button, the courier will be notified that the order is ready to be collected.


    By using the “Mark as ready” button you will be able to:

    -Deliver orders quicker and improve user satisfaction as a result.

    -Ensure the food arrives warm to the customer.

    -Reduce the waiting time for couriers and therefore the number of couriers waiting in your store to collect orders.

    -Utilize couriers more effectively so that there are more couriers available when you need them.


    Note: The “Mark as ready” button is not yet activated in all cities


    If you have your own couriers and you are using Glovo only to receive additional orders, please click on the “Dispatched to courier” button once you’ve handed over your order to your courier. Then the order will automatically move into the “Delivered” section. If you don’t click on this button, the order will continue to be displayed in the “accepted” section for the next 2 hours.

  • The courier will arrive at your store to pick up the order.
    Orders are identified with a 3-digit number pick-up code. This code is prominently displayed for each order in the Orders section of the Orders app as well as on the upper side of the printed tickets. For any other matters other than the pick-up, please keep referring to the original Order ID code, which is the unique identifier of each order.

  • Deliver the order to the courier.

Additional information to take into account during the order process

Bundled orders

On some occasions, some orders will be grouped with others. That means that the courier will pick up two orders from different customers from your store at once (without having an impact on the delivery time).

How do you know if an order is bundled or not?

A bundled order includes a grey section which displays the code of the other order that it’s bundled with. Take into account that only two orders can be bundled together. What’s more, an incoming order might be grouped with an order that’s already been accepted, which will mean you’ll find it on the “Accepted” list. Take into account that the printed receipt won’t identify bundled orders, so you will have to check this information on the Orders app on your device.

How do you manage orders paid in cash?

  • You will know that an order is going to be paid in cash if the order shows the cash symbol on the Orders app.

  • When the courier arrives at the store to pick up the order, he/she will pay you the total amount in cash (excluding shipping costs to be paid by the user). Please remember that it is the Partner’s responsibility to request the payment to the Courier

  • Remember that you can also ask for a confirmation of the payment method by verifying it on the courier’s device. When the courier does not have to pay the order in cash, no indication is given on the Orders app in your device and in the order’s print.

Take away orders

When users place an order in the Glovo app, they will be given the option to pick up their order directly from your store, instead of having it delivered to them by a courier.

  • The user places their order on the Glovo app and selects whether they wish to go and pick the order up at your store.

  • The order will be communicated to you in the same way as the rest of the orders in the Orders app. You’ll be able to identify them because in the ticket the following text will appear: “user picks up the order”.

  • The user picks it up directly from your store: they will show you the Pick-Up Code so that you know which order to hand to them.

  • Once you have handed over the order, you’ll have to click the “Mark as picked up” button that will appear on the the Orders app.

  • Note that these orders will be paid through the Glovo app, never in cash.

Need to review your orders?

You can review past orders in the Reports History Section.

You can filter your orders by:

  • Time period.

  • Incidents.

  • Payment method.

The icon on the order indicates the order was: 

  • Cancelled.

  • Refunded to customer.

  • Negatively rated.

  • Paid in cash.

Cancelled orders

Every time there’s a cancellation of one of your ongoing orders, a pop-up will be displayed indicating:

  1. Order code and customer’s name.

  2. Product details for that order.

  3. Reason for cancellation (user wanting to cancel, Partner not having products available, etc.).

Canceled order, will I still be paid? 

Cancelled Orders appear on the Orders app under Reports > History with a cross icon. Click in any order to check the reason for the cancellation and if payment applies.

Cancellation reasons

Orders can get cancelled for many reasons. Sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s the customer, sometimes the courier, but they can also get cancelled because your store cannot fulfil them.

When that happens, we try to keep you informed. That’s why in the Manager Portal, Orders app, and other communications, you will only see the cancelled orders your store is responsible for.

Keeping them under control will help you improve your performance and, since they’re charged to you, allow you to forecast any additional costs.

Here’s the cancellation reasons that are considered your responsibility and that you’ll see when working in our apps and communications.

Unavailable products

One or more products in the order were unavailable

When it happens

You’ll see “Unavailable products” when the order gets cancelled because a customer orders a product you don’t have in stock.
When this happens, call the customer and offer them an alternative product. If the customer accepts the alternative, don’t forget to update the order details from the Orders app. If the customer doesn’t accept the alternative you must contact our support team and they will cancel the order for you.

What you can do to avoid it

  • If you run out of products during a service, disable them from the Orders app or from the Manager Portal. If the products you run out of are part of a combo, don’t forget to disable them in the combo too

  • If you run out of a specific ingredient, don’t forget to disable them in every product that contain it

  • Check your stock regularly and update product availability at every service

  • Keep your menu always updated from the Manager Portal

Could not deliver

The store was unable to prepare orders for delivery

When it happens

You’ll see “Could not deliver” when a support agent cancels the order because there’s something preventing the store from accepting it. Some of the reasons why you see this:

  • There are ongoing renovations in the store

  • The store is open but the kitchen is closed

  • You reject the order for capacity or other reasons

  • Something’s broken in your kitchen and preventing you from preparing the order

  • You lack the necessary packaging to prepare and deliver the order

What you can do to avoid it

Here’s some tips to avoid these cancellations:

  • If you’re having any problems at your store and you cannot take orders, manually close the store from the Orders app

  • Make sure to always have enough packaging available to prepare orders for delivery. You can visit the Glovo Store to stock up on packaging and much more.

  • Start preparing your orders as soon as you receive them. Customers care about their orders being prepared on time and may end up cancelling if the wait is too long. Additionally, when couriers arrive at your store and the order isn’t ready, they may reassign the order, which may increase the total delivery time to the customer

  • When you’re done preparing the order, remember to mark it as ready from the Orders app—when you do, we notify customers that their order is ready and waiting to be picked up

  • If you feel you’re too busy to handle orders, close the store from the Orders app until your operations go back to normal

  • Always review your order before handing it to the courier. Check the 3-digit code to make sure you got it right.

  • Seal the bags to prevent any unwanted item losses during the delivery

  • Create packaging guidelines for operators or appoint a specific operator as the package reviewer

Store closed

The store was closed when the courier came to pick up the order.

When it happens

You’ll see “Store closed” when the order gets cancelled because a courier comes to pick up an order and they find your store closed


What you can do to avoid it

Here’s some tips to avoid these cancellations:

  • Keep your opening hours always updated in the Manager Portal and regularly check that they’re correct

  • If you need to close the store, temporarily, you can do so from the Orders app

Technical issues

The store had technical issues with the device that handles orders

When it happens
You’ll see “Technical issues” when the order gets cancelled because the device to handle orders isn’t working and you cannot handle the order manually.

This could happen because:

  • The device is out of paper to print orders

  • The device has connection issues

  • The device is broken

When this happens, the best is to temporarily handle orders from the Orders app. You can do so from any web browser on tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and so on.

Avoid closing the store, even if temporarily—customers like consistent opening and closing times and may order less in the future if they find your store closed.


What you can do to avoid it

To solve issues with the device:

  • Make sure the device is connected to the internet and always try to have a stable internet connection

  • Make sure the device has not run out of printing paper and always try to have enough of it in stock so that you can print orders. You can restock on the Glovo Store

  • If the device is broken, report it to our support team as soon as possible. You can do so from the Profile section of the Orders app (even from a web browser)

Store temporarily closed

The store had to close during operating hours. All pending orders were cancelled

When it happens

You’ll see “Store temporarily closed” when the order gets cancelled because you have to close the store temporarily during your defined working shifts. When this happens, all orders that weren’t accepted will be cancelled, including scheduled orders.

What you can do to avoid it

  • If possible, always accept and take care of all pending orders before closing the store

  • Try to keep your store closed during your shift as little as possible. Customers tend to order less from stores with no reliable schedule. Especially returning ones, who are the most valuable for your business.

Automated call

Order cancelled during automated call to the store

When it happens
When you don’t accept an order from your device, after a few minutes we make an automated call to the store. In that call you can accept it or cancel it.

You’ll see “Automated call” when you cancel the order during the automated call. We only make the automated call once. If you don’t pick up, we still consider the order accepted.

What you can do to avoid it
Here’s some tips to avoid these cancellations:

  • Keep an eye on your device for incoming orders and make sure you accept them as soon as you receive them

  • Make sure you can hear your device’s notifications and incoming calls correctly

  • Make sure store operators have the contact phone with them and can take incoming calls

  • Make sure you add our number to the contacts

Do you have a problem with a current order?

Please contact Partner Support for assistance.

If you have any other questions not related to ongoing orders such as inquiries about Glovo or how to use the Orders app please review our FAQs and our Tutorial & Tips section. You can also send us a message via the Profile section on the Orders app and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Why are ratings important for your business?

Did you know that users rate your store on the Glovo App after receiving each order? This rating is then displayed to all users on the App.

The better the rating, the higher the chances of:

  • Acquiring new customers.

  • Retaining existing ones.

  • Getting additional orders.

Five tips to avoid bad ratings

  • Did the customer leave any comments?
    Always read the note section in the order detail to see if the customer left any special request to take into account to prepare their order.


  • Are all products inside the bag?
    Before giving the bag to the courier, go through the ticket again to make sure all products are included. Drinks and small items, such as sauces, are often left out!


  • Time to seal the bags
    Sealing the bags properly guarantees that the customer receives the order exactly as you prepared it. We recommend using stickers to seal the bags. Looking for packaging or stickers? Visit the Glovo Store to find all that you need to deliver your orders


  • Did the courier pick up the right order?
    Double check the ticket 3-digit code to make sure the right order is being handed over. If the order requires multiple bags, make sure all are picked up.


  • Optimizing the packaging process helps!
    Creating a set of steps for the employees to follow or appointing a specific reviewer to double-check all bags before handling them over is often effective

Increase customer satisfaction by preparing orders on time

The sooner the user receives an order, the happier the user is, leading to more orders and better rating for the Partner. 

  • It’s important that you don’t wait until the courier arrives to start preparing the order. Right after receivig the order notification, start preparing the dish – else couriers might re-assign orders from your store to other couriers to avoid the wait time and this will increase the delivery time to the customer.


  • If your store is saturated, deactivate the store in the Orders app.However, make sure to deliver all orders that were accepted prior to the deactivation


  • Ensure the wifi and device run smoothly. Having a separate network for clients and the business improves the wifi speed.

Monitor your performance

The Dashboard is the place where you can find insights on your business performance. From the Dashboard, you can:

  • Analyze the growth metrics such as Orders, Gross sales or Average order value.

  • Keep an eye on your operational performance by observing Cancellations, Refunds and Preparation Time.

  • Monitor customer satisfaction metrics such as ratings, reviews, Product issues and Performance.

Tip: For detailed information about each metric, press on the question mark next to it.