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Manager Portal

Manager Portal is a platform created for managers and business owners that allows them to access key information and tools to effectively manage their business performance and implement actions to make it grow.

For more information about the tool check here.
Please download our latest Manager Portal playbook

Orders App is an operational tool for:

  • Day to day operations (receive orders, open/close store, orders history, etc)
  • Quick menu management (enable/disable products and adjust prices)

Manager Portal is a business tool for:

  • Assessing and analyzing business performance
  • Creating & keeping content up to date (ie. manage your menu)
  • Implementing actions to foster business growth (ie. promotions and advertisement)


The first time you are accessing the Manager Portal, you’ll have to first log in with your Orders app credentials (email and password).

Once you have logged in you will see a pop-up inviting you to create your Manager account.

For step by step information, please check the “How to create your manager account” section in Tutorials and tips.

The Manager Portal “Help” section is the dedicated channel for managers that provides quick and efficient support on numerous topics such as:

  • Managing your requests with ease and across multiple sections
  • Accessing your history of written communications with Glovo support
  • Uploading any documentation concerning your requests

Simply access the Manager Portal and click on the “Help” button located in the left hand menu. You will find a list of previous conversations organized by messages with the latest update.
You can also access the Manager Portal “Help” section from the following section of Manager Portal:

  • Order history
  • Invoices (this feature is not available in every country)
  • Account settings
  • Location settings

Remember: If you have more than one store location, please remember to select the one you wish to contact for.

Yes, if an operator or yourself creates a message in the Orders App, the message will sync and appear in the Manager Portal. As a manager, you will have access to the issues operators have that are non-ongoing issues. However, we encourage managers to contact us through the Manager Portal “Help” section rather than through the Orders app. In the Manager Portal “Help” section you will have the option to upload photos/ documents to your message, open an issue for a specific order or invoice and find in the Manager Portal all the information you need to manage your business. Whereas the Orders app has been created to manage ongoing orders.