In-store pick-up - Nigeria

Grow your sales by enabling in-store pick-up

Enable the pick-up option to receive orders from Glovo customers who will come to you and pick them up themselves. No delivery fees involved!

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Why in-store pickup?

An additional way for customers to order from you

No delivery cost

You save money since lower fees apply to pick-up orders. Customers avoid delivery costs, leading to more frequent orders.

When a customer chooses the pick-up option, you save on costs too.

Get started fast

You can add the pick-up option at any point to complement Delivery with Glovo or Self-Delivery. No new technology needed. Get pick-up enabled in no time.

You can even use the same device to handle all your orders, including pick-ups.

More customers, more orders

Stand out on Glovo and attract new customers interested in collecting their orders at your store.

By offering customers another way to order from you are adding a new customer base and more sales.

How does in-store pick-up work?

Your orders from Glovo App collected by your customers


Devices icon

Customers find you on Glovo App

Your store will be visible to Glovo users who browse for businesses with pick-up enabled.


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Start taking orders

Receive the incoming orders and confirm them on your tablet or POS integrator. Now you only have to prepare the orders.


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Your customers come to you

Meet customers face to face when they come to pick-up their order. You can build a relationship, encouraging them to return and enjoy your in-house experience.

Pricing made easier

In-store pickup

Customers collect their orders directly from your store.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Enjoy lower marketplace fees
  • No one pays delivery fees

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Pick-up fee

More options you might be interested in…

Choose the pricing option that best suits your business needs

Delivery with Glovo

Receive orders from customers and couriers deliver them.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Track your orders in real-time
  • Forget about logistics
  • Add marketing programs when you need them

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Delivery fee


Receive orders from customers and deliver them with your own fleet.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Enjoy lower marketplace fees
  • Use your own couriers
  • Set your own delivery fees

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Marketplace fee

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