Promotions - Nigeria

Boost your visibility and sell more with promotions

Reach new customers with promotions and motivate existing ones to order and spend more.

With the built-in tool in the Manager Portal, you choose which type of promotion you would like to apply in a couple of clicks.

Manager Portal platform screenshots

Why create promotions?

Attract more customers with increased visibility

Stand out from the crowd

When you make a promotion, your business is featured in the Glovo App.

You are now more visible within the app, making it easier for customers to spot you. Stand out among many other businesses!

Screenshot of Glovo App

Control your promotions

Enter your Manager Portal and choose which promotion type you want to apply, on which products and for how long.

You also decide when to start the promotions and when to stop them and how much budget you want to put in. It’s that easy!

Screenshot of Manager Portal promotion editing

Improve customer loyalty

When customers get a good deal from your restaurant, they are less likely to look elsewhere.

For example, if you offer free delivery, customers will get used to getting a good deal through you, compared to other restaurants that charge for it.

Screenshot of Manager Portal promotion performance

Choose the promotion type that best suits your needs

Promote your business and increase your orders

Frequently asked questions

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