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Optimise your deliveries and grow your business

Get access to a fleet of couriers without having to deal with the logistics. Pay a fixed commission per order and forget about the rest.

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Why Delivery with Glovo?

A complete solution to boost your business sales

Expand your delivery outreach

We connect you with a large network of couriers in your area so that customers receive their orders in minutes.

You will know when the courier will be at your door to pick up the order. All you need to do is have it ready.

Always track your orders in real-time

Our technology tracks deliveries in real-time, so you and your customers always know the order’s status. This means you know where your courier is and the estimated time of arrival to destination.

We notify you and your customer when the order is delivered while we handle all customer service for you.

Boost your customer experience

We make sure your order reaches your customers exactly as it should while providing the best customer experience.

We help you build loyalty and get returning customers to keep growing your business.

How does Delivery with Glovo work?

Get access to couriers near you and forget about the logistics


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Your store is listed on Glovo App

Customers find your store on the Glovo App and pick which products they want delivered.


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Start taking orders

Receive the incoming orders and confirm them on your tablet or POS integrator. Now you only have to prepare the orders.


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Couriers deliver your orders

When the order is ready, the courier will pick it up and deliver it to your customer in minutes.

Pricing made easier

Delivery with Glovo

Receive orders from customers and couriers deliver them.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Track your orders in real-time
  • Forget about logistics
  • Add marketing programs when you need them

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Delivery fee

More options you might be interested in…

Choose the pricing option that best suits your business needs


Receive orders from customers and deliver them with your own fleet.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Enjoy lower marketplace fees
  • Use your own couriers
  • Set your own delivery fees

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Marketplace fee

In-store pickup

Customers collect their orders directly from your store.

  • Get access to Glovo App to list your store
  • Enjoy lower marketplace fees
  • No one pays delivery fees

*Fees may differ depending on your city


Pick-up fee

Frequently asked questions

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