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Improve your menu

Optimize your menu

Providing names, descriptions and photos is key to reach more customers and have more visibility in the search results in the Glovo app. Partners that have added pictures have seen their orders increase by 30%.

Customers choose stores based on their dishes’ descriptions as it has key information for them such as:

  • Ingredients.

  • Size of products.

  • Allergens.

Updating your menu will help you perform better on the App. To learn more about how stores are ranked in the Glovo app, follow this link.

How to create descriptions

  • Products with descriptions tend to be ordered 8 times more and give your products a higher chance of appearing in the search results of the Glovo app.

  • Descriptions should be attractive but to the point (no more than 250 characters) and be present in the majority of products.

  • Ideally, contain no more than 20 words aimed at attracting attention about the product’s taste, texture, preparation method or origin. For example: “hot wings, roast chicken, Mexican tacos”.

Answer these three questions to give your dishes the best possible presentation

  • What are the main ingredients?

    Highlight the main ingredients, making sure you mention everything that’s included in the dish. Remember that “multigrain bread and honey mustard sauce” is more descriptive and appealing than simply “bread and sauce”.

  • How big is your dish, and how many units does it include?

    It’s important that you state the quantities involved to help users make the best choice. Use abbreviations for quantities, weights or sizes. For example: “spring rolls (3 units), lemonade (330 ml), hamburger (200 g)”.

  • Do you offer lactose-free/vegetarian/vegan/low-carb options?

    We suggest you specify whether products are gluten-free, vegan or lactose-free. This will make customers happier and more likely to choose your product. Example: vegan tofu poke bowl, or lactose-free banana and strawberry smoothie.

To edit your menu, enter the Menu Manager at

Note: If the Menu Manager is not available yet for your store, please send us a message by clicking on the “Help and resources” button in the Profile section of the Orders app. Please remember to request these menu changes at least 7 days in advance.

Ten food photography tips and tricks for food delivery

Photos make dishes/products much more visually appealing to customers. Our analysis shows that products with images tend to be purchased 3 times more often than those without images.

Check our guidelines below on how to present your photos to maximize effectiveness:

  • The product should take up around 60% to 70% of the photograph.

  • Make sure the dish is in focus and you provide a good quality photograph: Orientation: square – Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 pixels – Format: JPG – Size: under 1 MB.

  • The photo should be a frontal shot of the product.

  • The photo should show the right size and proportions of the ingredients.

  • Don’t include any items or ingredients that aren’t part of the dish you’ll be serving.

  • In the case of combos, show all the items making up the combo separately and next to each other. Everything that’s included and nothing else!

  • Take a photo that’s as realistic and representative as possible.

  • Your dish is the star! Make sure that customers’ attention isn’t captured by the background rather than the dish.

  • The best backgrounds are those with plain light colors.

  • Any other visible items, such as kitchens, other objects, people or hands on the plate, will distract customers’ attention away from the food.

How to upload photos from your mobile device

  • Log in to Menu Manager and complete the fields with your Glovo Partner credentials.

  • In Menu Manager, scroll through your menu.

  • Select the product to which you want to add pictures.

  • A panel will be opened in which you will be able to edit your product.

  • Upload a picture from your photo reel or take a picture of your dish in the moment by clicking on “Upload Image” in Menu Manager.

  • Once you upload the pictures, click on “Save changes”.

  • See the new uploaded pictures in the menu of your restaurant in a matter of seconds!

Read this guide to take high quality pictures from your mobile.

Note: If the Menu Manager is not available yet for your store, please send us a message by clicking on the “Help and resources” button in the Profile section of the Orders app to request your menu change.

The importance of top sellers

Having top selling products with descriptions and pictures included is key to increasing your number of orders with Glovo. Top sellers are the first thing the user sees of your restaurant and having pictures and descriptions for them can boost your performance.

With the new Menu Manager, you can now improve your menu at any time by creating, editing or rearranging products. It’s quick and easy! Log in with your credentials, and click on each of your top seller products listed on your menu to add or edit descriptions and upload a picture for them.