How to manage ads archivos - Nigeria

How to manage ads

Our system uses automatic bidding, where Glovo automatically sets the most competitive bid for you to ensure a positive return. Your bid will adjust over time to ensure it remains competitive without overspending. Your budget is the total amount you’re willing to pay for clicks each day. Setting a budget caps your spending, so you’re in full control of your ad costs.

Each time a customer uses the app or searches, we determine which ad to show them by ranking all eligible ads based on a combination of bid and quality scores. The winning ad will be the one with the highest combined bid and quality score.

We provide a recommendation that gives the algorithm enough leeway to find the right customers for your store. The higher the limit the better we can find and target the right customer.
Note: We may automatically adjust your daily limit to match user demand, but we will not exceed 2x your average daily limit on any given day. This is in order to give you the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS).

We recommend setting at least 10% of your monthly earnings through Glovo as our platform helps you maximize your returns so that you always generate more revenue than what you invest! And if your spending is more than your earnings, we will freeze the bill until you earn enough to cover your costs and start seeing a positive return.