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How to manage ongoing orders

Accepting and delivering orders

You can enable and disable products and attributes depending on their availability. If you run out of a product on your menu, select the product and click on “Disable”. You can choose to disable it for a set period of time.

Remember to enable the product again once you have it back in stock so your customers can order it. Follow the same procedure for the “Attributes” category.

The courier will be picking up your orders and delivering them to the customer.

Before giving the bag to the courier:

  • Go through the ticket again to make sure all products are included (it’s sometimes easy to forget about drinks and small items like sauces).
  • Seal the bags properly with staples or stickers to guarantee that the customer receives the order exactly as you prepared it.
  • Double-check the ticket code to make sure you’re handing over the right order. If an order requires multiple bags, please ensure all of them are picked up.

The following information is displayed for each order:

  • The order ID code
  • Store name and address
  • Customer details (including their telephone number)
  • The estimated pick-up time
  • Order description (allergy information)
  • Courier details
  • Total order amount

If you are a Marketplace Partner, the following courier related items won’t be displayed:

  • The estimated pick-up time
  • Courier details

Every time there is a cancellation for one of your ongoing orders, a pop-up will be displayed in the Orders app with the following information:

  •  Cancellation reason
  • Order code
  • Details and quantities of products in the order

In the “”Order history”” section of the Orders app (Reports → History), all the cancelled orders will have an X. You can click on the order to check the details of the cancellation (e.g the cancellation reason, if any charges apply, etc.).

When receiving a new order, the Orders app will start ringing and the order will be highlighted. Click on the order, review it and tap on the green button “Accept”. The order will automatically move to the “Accepted” list of orders.

Order History


If, under exceptional circumstances, you realize you have run out of a product a customer has just ordered:

Call the user to offer an alternative. You can find the user’s telephone number in the order details on the Orders app.
*If the user agrees to have the product replaced, follow the steps below to change the order in the system. This way, the user will get the right receipt with the final product list and their prices:

– Select the order you want to modify, find the product to replace and click “Edit”.
– Click on “Replace”, then select the alternative product and click “Save”.

If the user isn’t interested in the alternative, please send us a message by clicking the “”Help and resources”” button in the Profile section of the Orders app and ask for the order to be cancelled.

Remember to also disable the unavailable product on the Orders app as soon as possible so that more users don’t end up ordering something that’s not available.

If you forget your Orders app username or password, first of all try to locate the email in which these details were sent to you. This email was sent during your Glovo onboarding process. If you can’t locate it, you can reset it by clicking on “”Forget my password””.

If you can’t log in or recover your password, please call Partner Support (Link to Partner Support Page)

Under exceptional circumstances, you can temporarily deactivate your store on the Glovo app if necessary. For example, if your store is saturated. To do so, click on the house-shaped icon that you’ll find in the upper right-hand corner of the Orders app. You can close your store temporarily for half an hour, for an hour or until the end of the day.

You can also schedule store closures for a period of time if you plan to close on national holidays or have some time off.

Generally, if an order was cancelled due to the customer and you had already accepted it, you’ll receive a notification in the Orders app and you’ll be refunded for that order. This notification will confirm if the order will be paid for or not.