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Other questions

The delivery fee is calculated dynamically for each user and store.

The main factors that impact the delivery fee are:

  • Delivery distance
  • Commission predicted for the Partner order
  • The delivery fee may be higher during bad weather such as rain to compensate for higher payment to couriers.

By focusing on the following parameters, you can improve your positioning on the app:

  • Conversion rate: Partners who run promotions, keep the menu updated and fix the right price will get more sales and therefore they will be ranked higher in the wall.
  • Partner Performance: Partners who perform better in terms of ratings, waiting time and cancellation rates, will have a better position on the app.
  • Newness and Fairness:New Partners and exclusive partners will be ranked higher in the wall. Also we will make sure all partners have a fair chance at being successful with Glovo.
  • Distance Factor:Partners who are closer to the delivery address of the user will be ranked higher in the wall.

Read more about Glovo Ranking on this post (link to news)

To calculate your store rating, we take into account the customer ratings from thelast 100 orders over the last 60 days. The rating is calculated once a day at 5am (it includes all of the orders rated by customers up until that time.

“For problems or incidents related to ongoing orders, call us on the Partner Support number that you’ll find by clicking on “Help and resources” in the Profile section of the Partner WebApp:

*If you’re a Marketplace Partner, call

For any other questions, please send us a message by clicking on the “”Help and resources”” button in the Profile section of the Partner WebApp, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.”